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Wayne Dyer writes this first self-help book on August 1, 1976. 35 million copies sold all over the world and its the best selling book of the all time. On November 13, 1977, the book remains on top of the New York Time best sellers. This book contains 256 pages.

Your-Erroneous-ZonesThere are twelve chapters in this book, In chapter one, the writer said that you must control your thoughts these thoughts are affected your emotions. And be aware of negative thought because negative thought may impact badly on your life. When you have a problem you share your feelings with someone and you relax after telling the problem. The positive thought is great in your life and result of positive thought is positive and feel your happiness. When you have some happiness your life may go right place.

Your Erroneous Zones Short summary

The chapter two writer tell that self yourself create a positive image in your life. Self-love is a good step to living a happy life. And love God creature really gives you happiness. Avoid relationship which rejects you and gives you hurt. Chapter four is about approved by others and something when approval is rejection you feel bad. When you see back past life and bad movement in your life.

So when you have seen back to your past, So Don’t remember the past and keep the focus on your future. And another thing which worries you is guilt, Guilt is an immobilization movement you from a past event. The Guilt does not change your past and it not is removed. When you feeling guilt don’t angry at others. Avoid failure of yourself and avoid your poor things. Make yourself independent and make don’t bound yourself on such a fix routine. Make independent environment for yourself. You take an example of a family their parents are independent and children are dependent on their parents. If children also feel themselves dependent the family doesn’t be run properly. Don’t be angry about little things it makes you depressed.

Wayne Walter Dyer

He was an American philosopher and self-help author. In 1976 he published his first book Your Erroneous Zones Audio. He was born on May 10, 1940, in Detroit, Michigan, US. Wayne spends his childhood time in Detroit. He married three times. Some of his others non-fiction books are Pulling Your Own Strings, Happy Holidays, You’ll See It When You Believe It, Wisdom of the Ages, Getting in the Gap and Staying on the Path.

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