Women in Love by DH Lawrence PDF

Women in Love PDFThe English Novel Women in Love PDF  is now downloadable for everyone. You can download easily. The links are given in the last of the post. We also give some short summary of the book.

Women in Love by DH Lawrence PDF

The British author D. H. Lawrence wrote this novel on 9 November 1920, Pages of this novel is 536. It’s available in Print Hardcover and Paperback. It’s the sequel to the writer earlier novel The Rainbow which was published in 1915. Follow the same story of Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Writer highlight the love between Ursula Brangwen and Rupert Birkin. It’s the story of British society before First World War. When writer complete novel he published this novel after a long time of misunderstandings. Press first published 1,250 books for subscribers. The controversy occurs because of writer previous work  The Rainbow (1915).

Women in Love Summary

Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen are two sisters, They are living in Beldover England. Ursula is work as a school teacher and Gudrun is also a teacher but she is an art teacher. She wants to represent herself as an artist. When these two girls are in twenty they are looking for true love. Then they meet two boys Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich and they struggle to get their attention and love.

Ursula and Gudrun want to live their own living style. Ursula meets Rupert Birkin he is the school inspector of that area and the Gudrun meets Gerald Crich he is the son of richest mine-owner. Rupert Birkin has already a relation with Hermione Roddice she is a wealthy aristocratic woman. She is a very intelligent girl and intellectual mind. She is not any physical relation knowledge. These two couples are drawn incidents, Gerald’s father died his son had no idea of business. The lifestyle of Ursula and Birkin are totally different.

The book received controversial issues because of its sexual subject matters.  Producer Larry Kramer and director  Ken Russell adapted the novel story in their film name Women in Love (1969). It was the first theatrical movies.

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