What is Google Adsense & Who Its Work PDF

What is Google Adsense PDF Review

The What is Google Adsense PDF is an online ad program. Google is the owner of this program.  It allows the publisher to get an audience from other websites. Its allow you to place text, video and image ads. You can earn with pay per click, you can make a good money from this network. The Adsense is a participant in the AdChoices program so you can see the ad choice icon in the corner. The google launched this program in March 2003. The name is used by Applied Semantics by Adsense. After this google owns this name and rebuilds the services again. The Applied Semantics is started in 1998 by the Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. In  February 2010 Adsense allow that now the relevant ads are shown on the website. Adsense allows the bloggers and website owners to earn money.

What-is-google-adsenseThere are two ways to earn money from Adsense the number of page views and the pay per click. You can easily sign up for Adsense fill the form and submit then google send you the message that waits some days your application is under process. now you can wait some days. After this you can receive an email that you can place Google ads then you can get fully approved now. You can place your ads on blog or website then after someday if the ads are shown then your application is approved otherwise it will be rejected. Make sure that the website where you placed the ads is error free and no copyright data is on the website. The traffic of your website is legal and come from search engines because the traffic gain by the search engine is really good and value able.

How to earn Adsense

The earning of Adsense is base on the traffic of your website if the traffic is high the learning is also high. If your earning is low then you check that your ads are placed in the right place. Placed ads where you can say that click rate is high, place ads in the post under post title is good, on WordPress website, there are many plugins you want to use inside post ads. Never ever click on your ads make your ads more visible, monitor and never ask your friend and family to make click on ads because monitors each and every click, and Google also check the city ratio of ads click. There are some limits on ads placed on one page. You can place three ads on one page three image and three links ads one single page, More the three ads are policy violation of Google Adsense.

The Google Adsense gives you  2 cents to $15 per click so don’t be greedy to get more clicks. You can also calculate the click rate of your website, Google also introduced Admob ads for mobile for Android and IOS for Apple devices. You can mortised your Android account with Google Adsense account.  The minimum amount you get from Adsense is $100. Less then 100 is not payable so you can get paid next month. The website has duplicate content your click rate is low.

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