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The Trial by Franz Kafka Read Online

The TrialThe Trial Novel Summary

The original German title of this novel is Der ProcessFranz Kafka is the writer of the novel, Novel The Trial is published in 1925. It’s one of the best work of the writer. It’s a Dystopian fiction and an Absurdist fiction novel. First published by Verlag Die Schmiede in 1925. After the death of Kafka, the friend arranges his story and published the book. And the manuscript is held by Museum of Modern Literature. The novel The Trial was also listed in  Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century in 1999.

It’s a story of the cashier of the bank Josef K and starting when his day of thirteen birthday. Two agents arrest him on the day of birth. The boss of this agent later come to the neighbor room and search there and find a mini tribunal there. Name of this woman is Fräulein Bürstner. K is free by agent ask not to leave the city without permission. He meets with the Fräulein Bürstner and apologizes for her room instruction. When he completed his conversation he suddenly kisses her. He received a phone call from court and court order him to come on this Sunday. he noted the address and the building number. On the day when he reached there the room is airless shabby and crowded. He again visits the court. K. is arrested in his own bank when he is in the storeroom of the bank.

Franz Kafka

He was a German-language writer, He wrote many short stories and novels. was born on 3 July 1883 and died on 3 June 1924. He educated from German Charles-Ferdinand University. His some of famous work is Die Verwandlung, Der Process, Das Urteil and Ein Hungerkünstler. His writing style is Modernism. He was born in Old Town Square in Prague. His family was a middle-class family.

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