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The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen PDF

The Heat of the Day PDF Book Review

The Heat of the Day PDF

The Heat of the Day PDF is a novel by Elizabeth Bowen. 1948 is publishing date in the United Kingdom. In 1949, is published in states of America. This one is followed by A World of Love. In this tale, three main characters named Stella Rodney, Robert Kelley, and Harrison. Stella and Robert love each other and third character named Harrison presence between them and wants to spoil the relation of both. Harrison is English spy and Robert is a German spy.

This is the story of Second World war. Louie is a charming woman who is attending the Concert happening in the London. Here she finds a man named Harrison. she is ready to flirting him. the man is a spy by profession. Harrison refused the Louie flirt attention. After attending the concert, he went to a flat. In this flat, a woman lived named Stella Rodney. She is a middle-aged woman. Harrison really loves her. On other hands, she in love someone named Robert. He is a Spy. Harrison told the Stella about his lover and told her he will tell the police about the profession of Robert. Robert is a German spy and Harrison is English Spy. He offers the Stella leave him and in results, she protects his lover.

Summary of The Heat of the Day

Stella not ready to leave the Robert, engaged to Robert. She visits the Mount Morris, where she lives where she got married to Roderick father. She comes here after a long time she feels here our youth day and the beautiful moments. Soon she comes back and got married to Robert. Harrison invites the Stella to a dinner party. A dinner party started Harrison is a host of this party Stella and lo are also present here.

Here Stella talks about her past with Harrison. Harrison told her about the Robert. Police arrest the Robert. Robert told Stella about his profession. he told her all lies. Stella becomes really depressed. After that a he is really angry and not want to see the Robert. She still loves him. Robert sees the behavior towards him. he really feels bad. He decided to kill him. he committed suicide. He calls himself from Stella’s building.

At the end, war is ended. Roderick does not want to know about his father. Harrison again goes to Stella house and met her. Stella does not want to meet him he refused to meet him. He told him she still loves Robert. Louie gives a baby boy after the death of his Husband. Her husband not knows about her pregnancy and die. After his death baby born. She leaves London and starting with her hometown.

Elizabeth Bowen

Was an Irish novelist and short story writer, Born in Dublin, Ireland on 7 June 1899, the Birth name is Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen, She died on 22 February 1973 in London, England at age of 73. The Last September (1929)The House in Paris (1935)The Death of the Heart (1938)The Heat of the Day (1949) and Eva Trout (1968) are his best books.

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