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the-end-of-the-affairThis story The End of the Affair PDF is written by Graham Greene. He is a British novelist. The publication date of this story is 1951. Heinemann was the publisher of this novel.

The End of the Affair PDF

The writer of this tale pays attention to two basic characters named Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles. Maurice Bendrix was a growing writer. He belongs to London. He was practicing as an author during the World War Two. Sarah Miles was the wife of a retainer. Her husband was a very powerless domestic servant. The character Bendrix reveals the life story of writer Greene. The character of Sarah focuses on the lady friend of the writer. His friend name was Catherine Walston. He loves her very much. He devoted his book to his friend.

The End of the Affair Summary

Sarah and Bendrix started loving each other very rapidly. Their affair was very fast. But Bendrix feels something wrong in a little while. He feels that their concern will end soon. Sarah feels painful and she was hurt by the explicit of his lover. She also confessed protectiveness for Bendrix. Henry was Sarah’s husband. He was very dull and tiresome. But he was very friendly with his wife. As Sarah felt painful by her relationship with Bendrix, she refuses to take divorce from her husband. Bendrix gets angry at her decision. After a short time, there was a bomb exposure at the flat of Bendrix. At that time, Sarah was also there. The condition of Bendrix was very critical. He was near to death. But after this Sarah distance herself from this relationship without giving any specious clarification.

The End of the Affair is the fourth and last of Greene’s explicitly Catholic novels.

After their breakup, Bendrix started feeling distrust whenever he sees Henry. He mostly grasps Henry when he was crossing their mutual corridor. At last, Henry feels doubtful. Meanwhile, Bendrix goes for a secretive investigator. He did this to notice Sarah’s new boyfriend. Bendrix finds the diary of Sarah in which the studies that she had prayed to God for Bendrix’s life after the bomb blast in his flat.


Graham Greene

She promised to God that she will never see him again if he remains alive. Sarah was a brave woman and Greene tries his best to label her struggle. Sarah was suffering from lungs infection. Her disease was at its peak. She died when she was walking down the corridor. It was raining there. Many marvelous actions happened to show that Sarah was a very loyal woman. By this happening Bendrix may be started trusting God. But he was not feeling love for him.

This story is very heart touching. This marvelous tale is the best novel of the writer.

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