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The Day of The Jackal Full Book PDF

the-day-of-the-jackalThe Day of The Jackal Full Book PDF

The Day of the Jackal is a thriller novel and published in 1971 by Frederick Forsyth, he was an English writer. This novel got too much praise when first time published in 1971. And in 1972 this novel got Edger Award from Mystery Writer of the America. On the BBC’s survey, it was listed in 2003. The novel is divided into three parts one is “Anatomy of a Plot” second is “Anatomy of a Manhunt” and the third part is “Anatomy of a Kill”.The page of first edition book is 358.

This is the story of a terrorist group who want to kill the French president.This group is unhappy with the president “Charles de Gaulle”. They try to murder and fails.When they failed to murder then they hired an English man.

Frederick Forsyth

He is an English author and he is also a journalist.His other bestselling novels are The Dogs of War, The Devil’s Alternative, The Fist of God, The Odessa File and The Fourth Protocol.His books sold more than 70 million copies.He got his early education from  Tonbridge School.

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