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The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF

The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF is a novel by William Styron. This is really amazing novel got Pulitzer Prize in 1967. This the story of a black man he is the slave. The Author writes this whole saga superbly and got the attraction of peoples. This novel just a piece of art. Random House is the publisher of this saga.

Nat Turner is the main character in this saga. He is a black man living in America. He is criminal and kills a number of white peoples in America. Turner is now present in the Jail and the story is about November 1831. He also killed his close buddy just because of his frustration and for relieve.

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He was in jail and told his all past life and starting with his first master. Samuel Turner is the master of Nat and he starting working with him. He here giving education and training of Carpenter. He is not bad man once a white man raped his mom. His mom body badly treated make him really frustrated. After that, he also raped many women and badly treated with her bodies. After that, he met a man named Reverend Eppes. He is not a good man he is really a bed and gives him knowing how to use the boy. Nat raped young boy and that time only young boy attracted him. He loses his attraction towards the woman. Redneck farmers really bed and treat the Nat badly, here he spends black and bed days of his life.

After that, he goes some elsewhere. he met with the Margaret Whitehead. She is a really beautiful girl. her father dies and she is living with her mother and sister in one house. She is a very rich lady. Nat met him and just want to get her money. He makes a plan to kill her but he failed. He told all story of his past life present in the jail. lawyer Gray smugly here his all story and punish him and the day comes when he is gallows and his life ended.

William Clark Styron

He was an American novelist and essayist, Born on June 11, 1925, in Newport News, Virginia and died on  November 1, 2006, in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts at the age of 81. Studied at Duke University. After graduation, he started a job at McGraw-Hill in New York City as an editor. He recalls into the military in the Korean War And awarded Rome Prize. His some novels are Lie Down in Darkness, Set This House on Fire and The Confessions of Nat Turner.

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