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The fiction novel The Baron in the Trees PDF is published in an Italian novel. Published in 1957, Writer of this novel is Italo Calvino. The Original title in Italian novel is Il Barone rampant. The story of a boy who wants to save his life he climbs up a dress to save his life. The writer also published this new version of the novel in 1959.  Actually, the boy like the trees and the life of natural these trees are covering the area of their countryside. The name of the small boy is Cosimo Piovasco di, Rondo. He wants to change his life and lived a new lifestyle, therefore, he moves to another world the world of his own.

The Baron in the Trees PDFThe story is told by his younger brother Biagio. His relation with his brother is very good they spend most of their time together. In the childhood time, he becomes a teacher and teaches the poor boys who didn’t want to get an education and they climb three fruit trees in the street and stole the fruits and a girl living there. He makes the agreement with the local bookshop for studying the books. For education, he becomes a student of philosophers and thinkers who is a supporter of the French revolution.  He wants to save Environment and he supports the trees from fire and trees cutting mafia. He returns to town as a young man implement his ideas and thoughts.

The novel is a beautifully restrained narrative. The roles of the story are so wonderfully erratic and distinctive. This novel is a broadloom alloy of the fanciful. It’s pure Rousseau, pure Emile and moves away from the culture and education from nature.

The novel won the Viareggio Prize in 1957. The novel received well from the public.

Few Lines about Life of Italo Calvino

Italo Giovanni Calvino Mameli is a great writer write many novels, he was also a Journalist Some of his best-selling works are Our Ancestors,  Cosmicomics (shorts stories),  Invisible Cities. His father name is Mario, He is an agronomist and botanist.

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