The Age of Innocence PDF

The Age of Innocence PDF

The Age of Innocence PDF

The Age of Innocence PDF is a masterpiece novel now available in PDF.

This is the bestselling English novel written by  Edith Wharton, its writer twelve novels. First published in the magazine of political in four parts. Publisher D. Appleton and Company release this book in 1920 in New York and in London. The novel won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1921. Edith Wharton is the first woman who won this prize.

A young lawyer Newland Archer living in New York, When novel start he is in the opera and looking his fiancee. Her name is May Welland. May Welland is a well settle upper-class woman. Archer proud that she is his fiancee. Countess Ellen is one of the friends of May Welland, Newland Archer also know her. They know each other from the time of children. Her husband divorced her and run out with his secretary. Archer some males friends conscious about Countess. Archer irritate about this. And Archer decide to announce their engagement earlier.

Ellen is the member of most powerful society. Her family decides to give her a welcome party and no one attend this party. Ellen plans that she take divorce from her husband. Archer’s boss asks him to talk Ellen and convinced her not to get divorced. Archer know the past of Ellen that her husband did not love her.

Major characters

 Newland Archer, Mrs. Manson Mingott, Mrs. Augusta Welland,  May Welland, Ellen Olenska.

Other characters

Christine Nilsson, Mrs. Lovell Mingott, Lawrence Lefferts, Sillerton Jackson, Julius Beaufort, Regina Beaufort, Janey Archer, Mrs. Adeline Archer, Mrs. Lemuel Struthers, Count Olenski, Sophy Jackson, Duke of St Audrey, Nastasia, Mr. Letterblair, Mrs. Rushworth, Ned Winsett, Reggie Chivers, Marchioness Medora Manson.

In  1924 the story is adapted into a silent film by Warner Brothers and movie was directed by  Wesley Ruggles. Stars in this movie are  Beverly Bayne and Elliott Dexter.

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