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The African Queen Summary

The African Queen PDF is written by C. S. Forester who was a master of suspense. It is a simple, pure and great story of adventures and passions. The novel is about the World War I, when Charlie and Rose, a scruffy trader and an English love woman evangelist grounded together by the situation. They run off from unsteady and unsafe steamboat by fighting with time, heat, malaria, diseases and bullets. The African Queen brood their own shocking military plan. It is a story well supplied with period Forester Damara suspense and thrill, incautious bravery, near death experiences and out of date love story.

It is actually a story of 30 year age Englishwoman. Her brother name is Samuel and he lived with her and she looks after of his house. This is a story set when the World War I is started. The German army conscripted men from different areas. All the people in the village are gone away and the village is empty. Only two persons remain Rose and her brother who is injured in the war. Samuel is no more and died on the same night so the Rose is now alone. Another man comes to this empty city that day. His name is Allnutt. He worked as a senior mechanic in an African Queen. Allnutt friend leaves him on the ship alone.

The African Queen Novel Review

Allnutt buried Samuel Sayer and take a rose with him and walk towards the African Queen. The African Queen is clever queen and she knows that is this time is the shortage of food so she stocks the food. The queen has a ship filled with all thing for living life and two tanks filled with oxygen and Hydrogen. The ship is passed one the German way. After traveling from a huge distance they pass from a huge distance Shona.

The German commander thought that launched is coming for surrender on them. They fight with Germans and spend many days in fights. Allnutt fell in love with Rose. After that, a storm came and the African Queen sinks Rose and Allnutt are now on the river so they swim and move to the safe place. They both are captured by the German army. Actually, the African Queen is a love story of Allnutt and Rose. At last Allnutt and Rose married and happily spend a life.

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