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The Tale of Peter Rabbit PDF is basically a Children’s literature book. Beatrix Potter is the writer of this book. Published in England in October 1902 by Frederick Warne & Co. Actually writer Beatrix Potter write this book for his five-year-old son Noel Moore, When the complete book he went to several publishers for publishing but they refused then  Frederick Warne & Co agreed and the book is published. Writer privately published this book in a house in 1901. This book becomes a best seller at the time of published and translated into 36 languages. Warne’s New York The Tale of Peter Rabbit PDFoffice is failed to register the copyright act of this book in the United States. And many unlicensed books are published in 1903. There is no law to stop them and writer face financial loss.

This is a story of rabbits. The widowed mother rabbit who warned his children that never enter the vegetable garden of Mr. McGregor because their father also killed their by this man, Their father also enter without his permission.  Her three daughters are nice they are not saying a thing to the rabbit. Peter also enter into the garden to steal blackberries, Peter saw by owner and he hides under the watershed but owner finds him said caught him. So the rabbit now finds another way to escape, This all story is about the rabbit and his run away. Potter sign a contract with Warne to published  5,000 commercial copies. Writer totally involves in the publication process and look after the process.

Few lines about Beatrix Potter

Helen Beatrix Potter is born on 28 July 1866, She is born in England. She was well-known Children’s author and writer many short stories and children books. Her best-considered work is The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She was educated by governesses. She having some limited opportunities for higher education.

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