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Paradise Lost Novel Review

The famous English poet John Milton write this book Paradise Lost PDF in 1667. It’s a collection of epic poems. Samuel Simmons originally published this book. The poem starts with some prayer for help. Tell how Satan disobey the order of God and God though out from heaven. And Satan wants to take revenge on God with trickery. The Paradise Lost PDF is now free for everyone.

Paradise Lost PDF Novel Summary

Paradise Lost PDF Then God decides to create a new world and send to the world a human. The human which God created. Satan sends to earth and the Control of a man then God’s son offer that he save the human from Satan. Satan goes to the sun and where the trick how to control man and move him to the wrong place. He saw Adam and his wife and he can’t see their happiness and got jealous of them. Adam tells Eva that they can’t eat this fruit God restricted, Satan whispered in the ear of Eva and force her to eat that fruit. God tells his angel to goad warn Adam and Eva to stay away from Satan. Raphael talks to Adam and Eva that how Satan misguide people and pull out from heaven and send them to hell.

Then Satan ask Eva to eat that fruit and Eva eat that fruit, Adam worried about Eva mistake, God sends them to earth and give them punished to work in a hard field, And give birth to a child and stay all life on earth with hard days, Grow your food and eat.

John Milton Writer Biography

John Milton was an English poet also a civil servant worked for Oliver Cromwell. Born on 9 December 1608 in London, England. His resting place is St Giles-without-Cripplegate. He writes many religious works. His poetry is known as deep personal convictions. His parent insists him for education. and he enters the college Christ’s College, Cambridge. He was expert in Latin, Greek, French, Italian, and Hebrew language. Further work on these languages. Milton goes to Cambridge to become a clergyman but due to some resins, he doesn’t like to become a clergyman. Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, Of Reformation (1641) and Tetrachordon (1645) are his best books.

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