The Death of the Heart Novel Summary


The Death of the Heart Novel Summary The Death of the Heart is written by famous author Elisabeth Bowen and is published in 1938.In this novel, Elisabeth writes about the 16 years old orphan. His name was Portia Quayne. He shifted to London to spend his life. Here, he falls in love with the Eddie. This novel has 418 pages and published by ...

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A Void (La Disparition) by Georges Perec Summary


A Void Novel Summary La Disparition is a French novel and written by the Goerges Perec. It was firstly published in 1969 in the French language. Afterward, it was published in the English language in 1995. This novel has 300 pages. it was published by The Harvill Press. The writer did no use the letter “e” in the novel except ...

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