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And Then There Were None PDF Book Review

Mystery novel And Then There Were None PDF is published on 6th November 1939. Agatha Christie is the writer of the novel. Her views on this book are that this book is the most difficult book in her career. The book is published in many countries. Collins Crime Club published this book in the United Kingdom. The original title of a book is Ten Little Niggers. After that in United states book published under the title of Ten Little Indians.


Theme of And Then There Were None

The story is the book that a group of people visits in an island with their different pretexts. They offering different packages to the people summer holiday packages and meet their old friends. Each person has his own personal circumstances. They meet with Thomas and Ethel Rogers a housekeeper and a cook. Actually, they are a murderer and they changed their guest in the room.

Mrs. Rogers was also killed and found dead in his bed. General MacArthur also found dead. Mr. Owen is missing then they search him and found that there is nobody on this island expect them self. So they realized that the killer is one of them. After next morning Miss Brent found dead in her table a poison in injected into her neck. At last three members are left in the group and next morning Blore is killed. So the Vera and Lombard are left in the group.

Major Characters

These are some major characters in the novel. And Then There Were None.

Anthony James Marston: Killer of two young boys named John and Lucy Combes.
General John Gordon Macarthur: A retired army officer of World War I.
Mrs. Ethel Rogers: She is cook and housekeeper and wife of Thomas Rogers.
Thomas Rogers: He is a husband of Ethel Rogers and a butler.
Dr. Edward George Armstrong: A doctor in Harley Street, He is also responsible for the death of Louisa Mary Clees his patient.
William Henry Blore: He is a former police officer and inspector-investigator.
Justice Lawrence John Wargrave: A retired judge his other name is “hanging judge”.

The book available in languages is Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. The novel is first adapted in 1945 in a film “And Then There Were None” Produced & directed by this film is René Clair.

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