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English novel Lolita Novel PDF is written by Vladimir Nabokov, Written in English and published in 1955 by the famous publisher of this time Olympia Press. The novel becomes controversial because of its subject. “Lolita” is actually the nickname of Dolores. The story of a 12-year-old girl who we sexually involved with his stepfather. The novel becomes popular in a very short time and considered some best work of  20th-century literature. Pages of this novel are 336.

A European literary scholar Humbert Humbert tells the story of his childhood sweet friend Annabel Leigh story of his death. He loves his friend so much and he is his best friend. Humbert marries with an adult woman Valeria, Their marriage is no more when he knows she has an affair with a taxi driver. He is so angry and he wants to kill her but they run from there. Humbert then facing some problems and he moves to New England Town.

There Humbert takes a house for rent there he saw a 12-year-old girl of a family. Humbert returns to his home and saw his house is burning and he is asking that move from here but he refuses he wants to see his 12-year-old daughter.  Lolita is living in a camp and Humbert take her from the camp and went to the hotel where he plans to give sleeping pills to Lolita and raped her. Then he meets a hotel employee and start a conversation and return his room.

About Vladimir Nabokov

Writer Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov is born in Russian Empire on 22 April 1899. Some of his best books are The Gift (1938)Bend Sinister (1945-46)Lolita (1955) and Pnin (1957). His family is a prominent family in Russia, and his father was a liberal lawyer. He published his first writing work in Russian.

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