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Download Hunger Novel PDF For Free. The original title of this novel is Sult. written in the Norwegian language. It’s a Psychological and Philosophical novel and translated by George EgertonRobert Bly, and Sverre Lyngstad. The author of this novel is Knut Hamsun and published in 1890. some of its parts are published in a Danish magazine in 1988. The novel is set in the 20th century and also tell some modern society. In this novel author tell his own story. The writer wrote this novel after a touring of America. Set at the time of late 19th-century Kristiania. It’s a story of a young man who supports the man who is the main idea.

Hunger Novel PDFThe main character of the novel is an unnamed he is the living in the streets of Norway’s capital. Where he meets with many other mysterious persons there specially Ylajali she is a young woman who attaches with her. He always helps poor and needy children giving then clothes and dresses. The novel is translated much time into English. In 1966 the novel is adapted into a film and in 2001 adapted in America.

Knut Hamsun Life

He was a most famous Norwegian writer born on August 4, 1859, in Norway. And died on February 19, 1952, in Norway at the age of 92. He was also awarded  Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920. Some are short stories and some are novels. He was the fourth son of his parents. At the age of nine, he leaves his family and living with his uncle Hans Olsen. There he was beaten with his nephew and later his uncle knows about this. At last, in 1874 he returns at home. During the world war, two his support is back with German. He also met with high rank high-ranking Nazi officers including Hitler.

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