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Great Expectations PDF, this story is about a bildungsroman. Which means that we basically follow a character from an early age up to maturity. So, we kind of life with this character through his hardships and we see how the character grows and how he develops and the lessons that he learns. The character we’re following in this novel is Pip. He is an orphan so he was brought up by his sister & her husband. They all live in Kent, so in the very rural environment in them of the lower-class. So, Joe, the spouse of the sister is the blacksmith and they don’t have that much money. But one day for two instructs and pip is requested to visit the house of Miss Havisham & there he is kind of hired to play with Estella.

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Great Expectations PDFEstella is a petite girl that Miss Havisham has brought up. And Miss Havisham basically is a very rich lady but she’s not only filthy rich, she’s also batshit crazy like that woman has issues. She is raising Estella in the way that his teller will become a heartbreaker that Estella will wreck every man that she encounters. And she should kind of like start out with Pip make him fall in love with her and then break his heart and all of that jazz. And pip is super intimidated, super confused every time. He leaves there because the house where they are living in is very very curious like it’s super dusty.

Miss Havisham is always in a Bridal gown. There’s like an old wedding cake there and everything just seems to be frozen in time. He’s like completely overwhelmed. One day when he is 14-years-old he gets the secret benefactor. So, someone is paying for his education, someone wants him to go to the London to turn out to be the proper gentleman. And pip, of course, thinks that Miss Havisham is providing this money as he has this idea that Miss Havisham will set him up with Estella for marriage later in life. So, he moves to the London to grow, be educated, be a gentleman & then this story unfolds from there.

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Firstly, you will like the writing style that is was totally doable. The writing style od Dickens is super fancy. This might seem very curious and weird to you but there is so much fun unpacking this novel. And second of all, characters are really great in classical literature. Dickens created characters that are so different from some of these characters feel incredibly real and authentic and plausible like pip like we are really in his mind. And we kind of see how he grows, how he learns life lessons, how he learns was really valuable to him.

Furthermore, there’re some characters that are so crazy, so wild such stereotypes like Miss Havisham. Who’s like this very bitter, spinster or Estella who’s the cold-hearted bitch that they almost feel satirical in my opinion. There’s a great side character in here, Wemmick who is a clerk and the pip is pre friending him.

Later in this story and Wemmick is like the funniest that you will be met in literary fiction. Like the comic relief, he provides to the story is great and so this novel definitely has its comedic moments. And moments that are still funny in the 21st century. So that is like super engaging that is why it’s a very understandable novel even in our day and age.

In terms of themes and interpretations, even when you’re not very acquainted with classic literature there’re certain things that you will definitely pick up. There are just certain themes you cannot miss, for example, the exploration of wealth so what does it mean to be rich. Who is considered rich in this novel and how are these characters treated then. And what is very interesting here is that Miss Havisham she’s like filthy rich. She has inherited buildings from her dad and she lives on that rent. So, the woman hasn’t worked a single day in her life but she has accumulated much money by collecting this rent and her wealth is considered pure. In this world, everyone is following her, everyone contemplates she is crazy just because she’s wealthy.

Then later in this novel, we are introduced to another character who has accumulated lots of wealth but that walls are considered dirty because he used to be a criminal in his past. As he has gained that money with his own hands and that was very interesting. How wealth is only acceptable to the ruling class if it comes from the labor of others.

This is the exploration of a rural environment versus the metropolis London. Because pip is coming from this countryside and he dreams of finally getting into the big city and he has many expectations. Once he gets to London, he sees that not all that glitters are gold. And he has lots of problems accommodating to the new situation and he felt that he doesn’t fit in. And like very nice and feelings of doubt or what dominates his life there. He sees that people are very superficial in the big cities and that it’s a very light exclusive society from which eventually he feels very alienated from. This is something that he has not felt when he was back home in Kent. This book provides too much fun as you were just going to be in there in this story with the characters.


Pip and his family: 

Philip Pirrip, Joe Gargery, Mrs. Joe Gargery and Mr. Pumblechook

Miss Havisham and her family: 

Miss Havisham, Estella, Matthew Pocket, Herbert Pocket, Cousin Raymond, Georgiana and Sarah Pocket.

From Pip’s youth

The Convict, Mr. and Mrs. Hubble, Mr. Wopsle and Biddy

Others Characters:

Compeyson, Mr. Jaggers, Molly, Arthur Havisham, Dolge Orlick, Bentley Drummle and Clara Barley.


Also, like a bit more serious side if you are into literary criticism. You can also look at this through the lens of post-colonial theory or feminist criticism like this book provides a basis for all of that. It’s an inordinate novel and looking back on it. It’s honestly amazing how Dickens managed to pick-up all of these narratives thread that he introduced at the start of the story. And tied everything together to the web of love, rejection, friendship, life, lessons learned, and how pip is kind of in the center there, everything gets resolved.

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