Godplayer Kindle Epub by Robin Cook

Godplayer-novelGodplayer Kindle Epub Novel Review

Godplayer Kindle is a thriller novel. The writer of the novel is the doctor named Robin Cook. It is a thriller novel consisting of 285 pages that were profound ability to capture the attention of a reader till the end. Putnam publishers publish this book in UK USA in 1983. The plot is simple yet clever. The plot revolves around a well reputed cardiac surgeon named Kingsley Thomas and his beautiful wife Dr. Cassandra. They both work in the same Boston Memorial hospital.

In a very short time, they had developed intense love for each other which starts to fade soon after their marriage. This leaves Cassy depressed and also disillusion  Thomas’s perception and expectations towards Cassy.As a result, Thomas starts losing control of himself and indulge in drug abuse which further brings their married life to the additional crisis. Meanwhile, Cassandra becomes interested in a research project of his colleague named Dr. Robert Seibert.

The research revolves around mysterious Suddenly surgical death  (SSD) cases that have occurred in the hospital in past. The hard work of  Robert eventually helped him confront disturbing discoveries about all post-surgical deaths. And as soon as Robert realize that perhaps all victims were targeted through manipulation of their IV’s, he himself becomes the target of such a tragedy. Now it’s only Dr. Cassandra who could resolve the mystery of finding the psychotic doctor who is trying to play God.

About the Author Robin Cook

Robin Cook is the pen name of Robert Brian who is an American author and physician. His novel plots are about the field of medicine and relevant topics. He is often accredited for acknowledging readers about modern medical practices and hospital life. His several books have been on the list of New York Times Bestseller. So far he has been able to sell 400 million copies of his books worldwide.

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