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The Russian novel Eugene Oneguine PDF not published at once its published in serials 1825 to 1832. Alexander Pushkin is the writer of this It’s a verse novel. Original title in the Russian language is Евгений Онегин. The complete edition of this novel is published in 1833. It tells the story of Russian literary heroes. Novel consist of 389 stanzas. The writing style of the novel is like this “AbAbCCddEffEgg” lower letters and upper letters. In this style of writing the uppercase letter represent feminine rhymes and the lowercase letter show the masculine rhymes. The narrator told the story who style is educated and impressive.

Eugene Oneguine PDFTatyana Larin is one of character who loves with Eugene Onegin and he rejects his love for her. But one of his friend Vladimir Lensky is a poet and romantic man loves his sister Olga. Eugene doesn’t like that anyone does that to her sister so he killed Vladimir. So after murder her she leaves the country for forever. After some years past Eugene meet with Tatyana but she is married and he fell in love with her. Tatyana again rejects him as he rejects her some years ago.

Eugene loves the company of a woman he mostly seducing women and build relationships with a woman. He gave attention to young beauties and do something which attracts a woman. He makes the friend of his neighbor.  Vladimir Lensky is his best friend he is a poet and he fell in love with his sister. So he said his friend for marriage with his sister but she refuses all the offers.

Alexander Pushkin

The real name is Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and he was a Russian poet and playwright, Born on 6 June 1799 in Moscow, Russian Empire, He also wrote some novels. His nationality is Russian, He published his first poem when he was only fifteen. The town of Tsarskoye Selo is renamed to his name in 1937. There are many other museums which are dedicated to Pushkin. His life story is also covered in a film in Pushkin: The Last Duel in 2006.

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