Romantic Novels

Madame Bovary Book PDF Download Free


Madame Bovary Book PDF Book Short Summary Madame Bovary PDF novel is the novel of French author Gustave Flaubert’s. The novel covers the story of Emma Bovary a doctor wife. She is involved in multiple adulterous affairs and also she is extravagant, lavish and lives beyond her means so as to escape the emptiness and banalities of her provincial life. On the other hand, ...

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Pride and Prejudice PDF by Jane Austen


Pride and Prejudice PDF Pride and Prejudice PDF is a well-known romantic novel. The writer of this novel is Jane Austen. It was authored in early 19th Century and is still popular today, especially among English literature lovers and admirers. Was first published in 1813. The story is set in England and it revolves around a girl named Elizabeth Bennet. She ...

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