Horror Books

The Call of Cthulhu PDF by HP Lovecraft


The Call of Cthulhu PDF Book Review H. P. Lovecraft Wrote this horror short story book The Call of Cthulhu. Published date of the novel is February 1928. Its full text is also available online for free. The book starts with a narrator who discovers some notes and a symbolic sculpture left behind by his granduncle. The sculpture is made ...

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The Fall of The House of Usher PDF Download


Book Review of The Fall of The House of Usher PDF “The Fall of the House of Usher PDF” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The Novel is published in 1839. The book is considered as the great example of Poe’s “Totality”, with the harmonious link between element and details of the story. The book is based on ...

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The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde PDF


The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde PDF Review The book title is taken from a novella written by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. The writer of this book is Richard Mansfield. And the published date is 5 January 1886. It is also known as Jekyll & Hyde. The name is now widely used as a term to represent a person ...

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Dracula Novel by Bram Stoker


Dracula PDF by Bram Stoker Dracula PDF Novel is a Gothic horror novel written by Bran Stoker. It was first published in 1897. It is a good novel with all essential ingredients in the plot to make it versatile and interesting. The novel is the story of a Vampire called Dracula, who shift from his native town Transylvania to England ...

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley PDF


Frankenstein PDF Book Review The novel Frankenstein PDF is written by English author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Shelley started writing this story when she was just 18 years old. She was able to get its first edition published in 1818, at the age of 20 years. The first edition was published anonymously but in its second edition, Shelley’s name appeared for ...

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The Tell Tale Heart PDF by Edgar Allan Poe


Short Review of The Tell-Tale Heart PDF The writer of Tell-Tale Heart PDF is Edgar Allan Poe. It is a short story horror book published in 1843. In the book, an anonymous narrator is telling a tale. He skillfully convinces the reader of his sanity by describing a murder committed by him. His victim was an elderly man with a ...

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