Historical Fiction

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ PDF Book Download


The American Lew Wallace is also a lawyer and American Civil War, governor. Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ is his famous book published in 1880. This book is most influential work in the nineteenth century. He also takes in the American Civil War. His rank in Army is major general and take place in the battle of  Battle of Fort Donelson, Battle of Shiloh, and the Battle of ...

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Les Miserables PDF Free eBook


Les Miserables PDF Book Review Les Miserables PDF is a historical fiction novel written in the French language by Victor Hugo. In the year 1862, the novel was published. It is one of the top novels of that time. The book presents the era between 1815 1832.The story revolves around an ex-convict called Jean Valjean who served 19 years in prison for stealing a ...

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Gone with the Wind PDF by Margaret Mitchell


Gone with the Wind PDF Book Review The historical novel named Gone with the Wind PDF is authored by Margaret Mitchell. It is first published in 1936. It is a novel about love and war. It has been the inspiration for a Hollywood movie under the same title which won the Pulitzer Prize and is one of the most celebrated movies till today. ...

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Robinson Crusoe PDF by Daniel Defoe


Robinson Crusoe PDF Summary Publisher: W. Taylor Robinson course PDF is a historical fiction novel by Daniel Defoe. Its first edition was first published in 1719. The first edition of the book cites Robinson Crusoe as leading character in the book. For this reason, many readers thought the book story as a real story from the life of author himself. The novel ...

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