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The Brothers Karamazov PDF eBook Free


“The Brothers Karamazov PDF” is a fantasy novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Many American & British authors talk about how much Russian literature especially Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky impacted them when they were 1st reading in the early 20th century. First, it is very long flowing sentences and some of the paragraphs are too large in the literature. The dialogue is complex, ...

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Great Expectations PDF Novel Free Download

Great Expectations PDF

Great Expectations PDF, this story is about a bildungsroman. Which means that we basically follow a character from an early age up to maturity. So, we kind of life with this character through his hardships and we see how the character grows and how he develops and the lessons that he learns. The character we’re following in this novel is ...

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A Tale of Two Cities PDF Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens wrote this great novel A Tale of Two Cities PDF Published in the year 1859. Set in London and Paris in the time of French Revolution. The novel tells the story of poor people who fight their rights and freedom. It’s the best-selling Historical novel of all the time. There are three parts of book (1) Recalled to Life (2) The Golden Thread (3) ...

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The End of the Affair PDF Novel Download Free

The End of the Affair PDF

This story The End of the Affair PDF is written by Graham Greene. He is a British novelist. The publication date of this story is 1951. Heinemann was the publisher of this novel. The End of the Affair PDF The writer of this tale pays attention to two basic characters named Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles. Maurice Bendrix was a ...

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This Side of Paradise PDF Novel Download

This Side of Paradise PDF

This Side of Paradise PDF Download Free Debut novel This Side of Paradise PDF is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald published on March 26, March 26, 1920. By Scribner press, Pages of print book is 305. Cover artist of this novel is W. E. Hill. The title of this book is taken from the title of Tiare Tahiti. The book tells the story of after World War I. ...

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Women in Love by DH Lawrence PDF


The English Novel Women in Love PDF  is now downloadable for everyone. You can download easily. The links are given in the last of the post. We also give some short summary of the book. Women in Love by DH Lawrence PDF The British author D. H. Lawrence wrote this novel on 9 November 1920, Pages of this novel is 536. It’s available in Print Hardcover ...

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The Book of Five Rings PDF

The Book of Five Rings PDF The book is about martial arts in general written by swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. It was published in circa 1645. The book is translated into many languages in the same year. The title in other language is  Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū and its manual technique is technique and philosophy. Musashi establishes write this book in the very simple method he writes ...

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The Age of Innocence PDF


The Age of Innocence PDF The Age of Innocence PDF is a masterpiece novel now available in PDF. This is the bestselling English novel written by  Edith Wharton, its writer twelve novels. First published in the magazine of political in four parts. Publisher D. Appleton and Company release this book in 1920 in New York and in London. The novel won Pulitzer Prize ...

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Where Angels Fear to Tread Download Free Online


Where Angels Fear to Tread PDF Download E. M. Forster is the writer of English novel Where Angels Fear to Tread PDF. The initial title of the tale is Monteriano. Published in 1905. The Publisher of this tale is William Blackwood and Sons. The novelist is very excellent and outstanding, breathtaking exemplify s the whole story very astonishingly and wonderfully and ...

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The Magnificent Ambersons PDF Novel Free Download


The Magnificent Ambersons PDF Review The Magnificent Ambersons PDF is the best-selling novel of Booth Tarkington, Published by Doubleday. Published in the year 1918. The novel won Pulitzer Prize in 1919. It was in the second number of Growth trilogy. Others are The Midlander, The Turmoil and retitled National Avenue (1927). The novel is set in a largely fictionalized version of Indianapolis. And some part of the novel ...

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