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Anthony Dymoke Powell

Anthony Dymoke Powell was an English novelist, he is known for his best work A Dance to the Music of Time published between 1951 and 1975 and other is Afternoon Men PDF. In 2008 time newspaper add writer name in the 50 great British writers. In Westminster England on 21 December 1905. His wife Violet Georgiana Pakenham is also a writer. His work also adapted in TV and Radio. The Time Newspaper add his name to 50 top writers list in 1945. Other best novels are Hearing Secret HarmoniesThe Valley of Bones and Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant.

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The writer of this novel is Anthony Powell who was the best-known novelist. This novel related to the unimportant experiences and model avocation of the communal set through William, with a delight in flipping falsification that competition the works of Max Beerbohm and Evelyn Waugh. Powell affects artistic aspiration, highborn listlessness and the dark side of the modern and liberal life. It gives us an important outlook view on the progress of this century great floater. Here, the social content is much the same, scholar and artists hover about between depressed society.

The novel is set in 1920 a story of a William Atwater and his some friends William Atwater worked in a museum as a clerk, It’s a comic novel and some other characters are Harriet Twining, Lola, Verelst, painter Raymond Pringle. Writer divide this novel into three parts one is “Montage” second is “Perihelion” and the third one is “Palindrome”.In the first part, you can read about Atwater and his friends. And some interesting thing that how museum clerk works. In the second part of the novel shows that Susan Nunnery relationship with Atwater.

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