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The life of Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) He was also called John. He is best known for his prolific and sensitive and ruler life writing style. His most books are in Children’s literature. His father was a farmer. He wrote a letter of 4000 words to The Times about the “Wiltshire agricultural laborer” and his lot. He married in 1877 after marriage he moved to London. His book Bevis: The Story of a Boy is famous for memories of Coate Farm. His birthplace is now converted into the Richard Jefferies House and Museum.

After London PDFAfter London; Or, Wild England Review

This novel (After London; Or, Wild England) is written by Richard Jefferies. Novel After London PDF link is given in the post. It is an example of early affix ominous creative writing. It consists of two parts. The first part contains ” The Relapse into Barbarism ” ‘ is related to some later annalist of the fall of woman development and its results and effects. It shows the loving explanation of nature retrieving England.

The second part is ” Wild England” in which the writer discusses an adventure set in the stormy scenery and community. The novel is with its defect but it recovers by the standard of writing, creating, particularly the shaking prognostic explanations of the post-apocalyptic city and countryside. The theme of the story is obvious and clear.

After London PDF Link

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