About Us

Our Mission

To create a central hub/directory of free legal ebooks from various genres and categories, not limited to hosting them, but to link, providing resources and other useful information for both authors and readers, anything closely related to ebooks, writing & reading.

To provide tips, tricks, resources and strategies on how authors and readers can utilize various tools out there to enhance their writing and reading tasks.

To create a community with SIMPLICITY in mind. Meaning, minimizing registrations before downloading (zero registration is my main objective). You only need to click and download to start reading.

To filter out free ebooks with too much commercial content in order to maintain the highest quality of information. We aim to only list full fledge, complete standalone ebooks which do not require readers to indulge in other external activities/sources, to acquire the knowledge they’re searching for. Maybe it’s only possible in a perfect world, but perhaps an ebook that starts and ends on its own. Convenience and top-notch content is our priority.

All the ebooks within this site are legal downloadable free ebooks. If you’re the owner / author of any of the ebooks listed within this site and wish them to be removed, do let us know and we will remove it immediately. With the increasing number of ebooks on this site, we’re unable to monitor all download links. Rest assured all the ebooks are FREE when posted.