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Charles Dickens wrote this great novel A Tale of Two Cities PDF Published in the year 1859. Set in London and Paris in the time of French Revolution. The novel tells the story of poor people who fight their rights and freedom. It’s the best-selling Historical novel of all the time.

There are three parts of book

(1) Recalled to Life
(2) The Golden Thread
(3) The Track of a Storm

A Tale of Two Cities Summary PDF

In the first part tell us a story of a brave man “Jerry Cruncher” who flag down from a nightly mail-coach moving from London to Dover. Jerry Cruncher is working in Tellson’s Bank in London. Jarvis Lorry a bank manager send him for an important message. The second part of this books is a trial of Charles Darnay by French emigre. Two British spies are the key witness against him. Witnesses names are John Barsad and Roger Cly they said that Jerry Cruncher gave secret information to British troops in North America to the French.

A Tale of Two Cities PDFIn pairs, the Marquis St. Evrémonde ordered his carriage driven that through risk in crowded streets. Gaspard killed that night St. Evrémonde when he is sleeping. And leave a note there written that “Drive him fast to his tomb. This, from JACQUES.”After this incident, he caught and hand in a well in a small village.

In the third part of a novel, Darnay arrives in Paris and jailed in La Force Prison in France. People are struggling to free Mr. Darnay famous people who struggling are Dr. Manette, Lucie, little Lucie, Jerry, and Miss Pross. After this year they finally tried. After that Darnay is released only for one day. There are 45-chapters in the novel. Some characters in the novel who do not speak English so writer uses French idioms.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is a voice of maltreated poor because he was also facing many problems in his childhood time when he was forced to work in a factory. His father John Dickens sent to jail. Charles Dickens want to study but he was forced to leave school and work ten-hour in a day in Warren’s Blacking Warehouse. The writer showed that poor are treated brutalized in France and England. Some people argued that His book A Tale of Two Cities is a reaction to his affair eighteen-year-old actress Ellen Ternan. She is a romantic actress.

A Tale of Two Cities Characters

Charles Darnay: He is a young French man belong to Evrémonde family. He has criminal charges and sent to jail.
Sydney Carton: Well known English English barrister, Ahe ultimately becomes a selfless hero.
Lucie Manette: She is a perfect lady in every way of life. Carton and Charles Darnay both loved her.
Monsieur Ernest Defarge: He is an answer of the French wine shop.
Madame Therese Defarge: A vengeful female revolutionary and her husband name are Ernest.

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