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A Doll’s House PDF eBook Summary

A Doll's House PDFThe English Novel A Doll’s House PDF is written by Henrik Ibsen. The original language is Danish and the title is Et dukkehjem. The play is first played in Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 21 December 1879. Is set in Norwegian town circa.

The play covers the story of a woman who is fighting with her fate. Woman deal with the problems in the male-dominated world.

A Doll’s House Characters

Nora Helmer: Mother of three children and wife of Torvald, She leaves her family at the end of the play.
Torvald Helmer: He is the husband of Nora, He is a bank manager.
Dr. Rank: He is the secret lover of Nora and a rich man.
Kristine Linde: She is Nora school friend. She is widowed.
Bobby, Emmy, and Ivar:  These three are children of Nora.

Anne Marie: Nora’s former nanny

A Doll’s House Summary

This is the A Doll’s House Summary. The Nora is a housewife who hides his financial problems from her husband. Her husband name is Torvald. He is a newly promoted bank manager. Nora wants to leave him and become an independent woman. Nora tries to hide her secret from her husband. She defends one of her husband employees. And when her husband knows about an employee he fired his employee. He sends a letter to him but her wife hides this letter, she doesn’t want that he read the letter which is about her deceit. Eventually, Torvald read the letter and angry on Nora and said she harmed his reputation in office.

The Play is divided into three-act: Act One, Act Two, Act Three


(1) In 1922 adapted into a silent film A Doll’s House, Alla Nazimova plays the role of Nora.

(2) The play is adapted in a German silent film with the name of “Nora“. Berthold Viertel is the director of the film. Olga Chekhova is an actress who plays Nora.

(3) In 1943 play is adapted in Argentine film Casa de muñecasDelia Garcés is in the main role.

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