Jaws by Peter Benchley – Download PDF


Jaws by Peter Benchley PDF Download Jaws Novel is written by American novelist Peter Benchley. It was written in February 1974 in United States of America. This horror novel was published in English language. It elaborates the story of white shark that prays the small resort town and voyage of 3 man attempting to murder it. The novel becomes out ...

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H is for Hawk PDF Novel – Helen Macdonald


H is for Hawk PDF Novel H is for Hawk is a memoir written by the British Novelist Helen Macdonald. It won Costa Book of Year award andSamuel Johnson Prize among other honors. H is for Hawk recounts to us about the story of Macdonald of the year she spent preparing a goshawk in wake of her dad’s demise. Her ...

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The Girls by Emma Cline – Download PDF


The Girls PDF Download This novel “The Girl” is written by American novelist Emma Cline. This debut novel was published in year 2016 in United States of America. The story of this novel based on Manson Family. It was published by Random House. This fictional novel includes 368 pages in length. The story of this book is set amid 2 distinctive ...

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Confessions of a Wild Child PDF Novel


Confessions of a Wild Child PDF Novel This tale is novel by Harold Robbins. This tale is very heart breaking. This novel is related to the murder story. Writer describe the whole tale very superbly. This is the story of a rich family. A happy sweet small family lived together in a one house. This is story of young girl, ...

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Catch-22 PDF Complete by Joseph Heller


Catch-22 PDF Complete Download The novel Catch was a satirical novel. The author of the novel was Joseph Heller. He was an American, he started work on this novel in 1953. The novel was published in 10 November 1961.  Published by Simon & Schuster. During world war 2, the novel was set. Main character of the story was John Yossarian who ...

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Career of Evil PDF by J.K. Rowling


Career of Evil PDF Novel Download Career of evil is tale of J.K. Rowling. Career of evil is a third exceedingly commended succession. Career of evil is an extremely newest tale of J.K. Rowling. Career of evil is published by Robert Galbraith. It is a third novel in the series. Robert Galbraith is a blockbuster intercontinental writer. Career of evil ...

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Bring Up the Bodies PDF by Hilary Mantel


Bring Up the Bodies PDF Complete Book Download The historical novel is written by Hilary Mantel, the novel has the characters of Thomas Cromwell, King Henry, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour. Thomas Cromwell is an assistant of the King Henry; he is King Henry’s right hand man. Cromwell is also like a friend and brother to king Henry. To avoid ...

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Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ PDF Book Complete


Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ PDF Originally Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was published in 12 November 1880 in United States of America. It was written by Lew Wallace. This Historical novel was written in English language and it was published by Harper & Brothers. In the nineteenth century it was considered as most influential Christian book. The ...

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Cinderella Folk tale – PDF Download


Cinderella Folk Tale PDF “Cinderella”, or“The Little Glass Slipper” is the folk tale. A huge number of variations are known all through the world. The principle character of this tale is a young beautiful lady living in terrible conditions,that are all of a sudden changed to amazing fortune.The most established documented form originates from the China, and most established European ...

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Between the World and Me PDF by Ta-Nehisi Coates


Between the World and Me PDF Download Free Between the World and Me is the novel of incredible and famous novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates. It was published in 2015 in United States of America by Spiegel & Grau. This American historical novel includes 176 pages. It is composed as a letter to teen aged son of the authorabout sentiments, imagery and ...

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