The Brothers Karamazov PDF eBook Free


“The Brothers Karamazov PDF” is a fantasy novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Many American & British authors talk about how much Russian literature especially Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky impacted them when they were 1st reading in the early 20th century. First, it is very long flowing sentences and some of the paragraphs are too large in the literature. The dialogue is complex, ...

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Great Expectations PDF Novel Free Download

Great Expectations PDF

Great Expectations PDF, this story is about a bildungsroman. Which means that we basically follow a character from an early age up to maturity. So, we kind of life with this character through his hardships and we see how the character grows and how he develops and the lessons that he learns. The character we’re following in this novel is ...

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes PDF


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes PDF Book Review The book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes PDF is a collection of twelve short stories. The Sherlock Holmes novels are published on October 31st, 1892. The writer of this best seller book is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The famous character Sherlock Holmes is precisely used in a book A Study in Scarlet. The book is most well-known ...

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A Doll’s House PDF eBook by Henrik Ibsen


A Doll’s House PDF eBook Summary The English Novel A Doll’s House PDF is written by Henrik Ibsen. The original language is Danish and the title is Et dukkehjem. The play is first played in Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 21 December 1879. Is set in Norwegian town circa. The play covers the story of a woman who is fighting with her fate. Woman deal with the ...

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What is Google Adsense & Who Its Work PDF


What is Google Adsense PDF Review The What is Google Adsense PDF is an online ad program. Google is the owner of this program.  It allows the publisher to get an audience from other websites. Its allow you to place text, video and image ads. You can earn with pay per click, you can make a good money from this network. ...

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Windows 10 Step by Step In PDF


Microsoft Windows 10 PDF Guide Download Microsoft Windows 10 PDF format. Microsoft develops this new windows 10 function based on Windows NT family of operating systems. Demo of windows test in 2014. And originally release on 29 July 29, 2015. Microsoft launched apps in this latest windows. You can run these apps on multiple Microsoft product like PC tablets, laptop, Windows Mobiles and Windows Holographic. Some ...

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A Tale of Two Cities PDF Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens wrote this great novel A Tale of Two Cities PDF Published in the year 1859. Set in London and Paris in the time of French Revolution. The novel tells the story of poor people who fight their rights and freedom. It’s the best-selling Historical novel of all the time. There are three parts of book (1) Recalled to Life (2) The Golden Thread (3) ...

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The End of the Affair PDF Novel Download Free

The End of the Affair PDF

This story The End of the Affair PDF is written by Graham Greene. He is a British novelist. The publication date of this story is 1951. Heinemann was the publisher of this novel. The End of the Affair PDF The writer of this tale pays attention to two basic characters named Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles. Maurice Bendrix was a ...

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The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF Free eBook

The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF

The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF The Confessions of Nat Turner PDF is a novel by William Styron. This is really amazing novel got Pulitzer Prize in 1967. This the story of a black man he is the slave. The Author writes this whole saga superbly and got the attraction of peoples. This novel just a piece of art. Random ...

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Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life PDF Download


Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life PDF Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life PDF the Travel literature book published on 1846 in New York. Written in the English language. It was the first novel of the writer Herman Melville. First published in London than in New York. The author shows his own experience in island Nuku Hiva, South Pacific Marquesas Islands in 1842. This English novel is ...

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